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Connect with us on Mixer, Xbox and Discord! Become a putrid and lovable Ghoul by following me on Mixer. Just head on over to the EnolaCat channel! 


Be sure to join the Ghoul Squad Discord to engage with the entire community. You'll also want to follow me on social media (@enolaleone) on Twitter and Instagram for alerts when I go live, giveaway announcements and more. You can also join our club on Xbox Live, just request an invite to The Ghoul Squad!


Pop into chat to engage with me during my gaming adventures. I play a wide variety of games, cosplay and host a variety of stream activities like giveaways, community nights and events. My goal is to create a friendly and fun community for everyone and to split time equally between engaging with viewers and gaming. This is a place for positive engagement, so please be respectful to everyone in chat. 

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