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You probably know me on Mixer as EnolaCat; just call me Enola. I've been gaming since Atari and pong were the coolest things next to spending a day at the arcade. Growing up with four brothers, my fingers graced the controller of every console from Nintendo, PlayStation, SEGA, Xbox and every iteration thereafter. When I finally got a console of my very own, it was an OG Xbox and I spent the latter part of my twenties gaming exclusively on Xbox consoles until the day I got a call from Riot Games and bought my first gaming laptop, I started my dream job at Riot Games in August 2014 and kept my status as the most casual of League of Legends Heimerdinger mains. Over time, I gravitated to PC being my main platform, but I've made my way home to an Xbox One X since joining Mixer.


I started broadcasting in October 2016 as a well to push myself outside my comfort zone, meet other gamers and live my passion for gaming. I took a chance on Mixer in late July 2018 at the urging of a Mixer Partner. I've loved every minute of my Mixer experience thus far and I couldn't ask for a better community. It's my goal to add broadcasting live creative streams into the mix to engage on another level with the community, but my commissions are currently closed. I love spending time with the Ghoul Squad and you'll rarely find me playing a game without streaming it, so expect to see a lot of me each week. With the help of the community, I was partnered on Mixer in late December 2018!

I was fortunate enough to be discovered by Riot Games in 2014 and embarked on an epic journey with the studio creating League of Legends in Los Angeles, spending 3 years working with some of the most talented people I've ever met. My exposure to the industry was truly incredible and I have no regrets. I decided to leave Riot and Los Angeles in early 2017 to put roots down in my hometown of Seattle, WA where I now reside. I'm currently still working in gaming at Xbox as a Community Manager for the Xbox Ambassadors program. 


Broadcasting on Mixer has been amazing. I'm lucky to have made some incredible friends and connections within the industry. I hope that the community will continue to grow and that I can help to spark some small inspiration in others with dreams of working in the game industry.

xo Enola